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A Lady of a Certain Age...

Women Over 40 Should...

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29 November
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I'm single and I was an empty-nester, but recently my son has moved back in with me. Although, it is only temporary it is an adjustment having another person living in my home.

I enjoy going to the movies, shopping and spending time with family and close friends. I'm very close to my sisters and my brothers. We spend a lot of time shopping, visiting each other, having family lunches and dinners. I see and/or talk to one of my sister on a daily basis.

I'm a fashionista! I love to dress up. I love make-up and hair and nails. I'm addicted to shopping. I go thrifting (shopping at thrift stores) with my sister at least two or three times a month. We love getting designer fashion for a bargain.

I love cooking and home DIY projects. I'm always testing new recipes on family, friends and co-workers. I spend a lot of my spare time refinishing furniture that I find on the street for free, or purchase cheaply at yard sales or the Goodwill.

I'm back in college pursuing a MA in philosophy. I'm looking forward to an early retirement in the next couple of years and I'm excited about the next phase of my life. I'm hoping to move to the beach in a few years.

I'm liberal and proud of it. I'm Christian and proud of it. I believe that everyone regardless of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation should all have the same rights.

and diy projects., i'm interested in cooking, thrifting

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